Setting up a Game

You can play in either single player mode, where you play against computer opponents or, for more of a challenge, you can connect to a server to play against other humans. There are two types of multiplayer games; public games where you play against any avaliable online opponents, and private games, which you create to play against your friends.

Single Player

Select the player option on the home screen. You will be taken to a menu where you can config the number an difficulty of your computer opponents.


If you start a public multiplayer game and no other humans players join within a reasonable time, then the server will automatically spawn AIs for you to play against.

Select 'create private game' to start a game with your friends. They can join the game by hitting 'join private game' and entering your name in the 'host name' field. If you specify a password, they will have to enter this to get in too. Optionally, you can allow observers in as well as players - observers can see everything that is going on in the game.


Game play

The aim of the game is to capture all the stars. To capture an empty (grey/blue) star, you just need to send one ship there. Coloured stars are owned by other players, to capture these you will need to send a force large enough to overcome their defenders.

The number of rings around a star represents the size of the owners forces. When the star is under attack, the rings will flash in the attacking players colour (but note the number of rings still indicates the number of defending forces).

Partial rings around one of your stars indicates that a ship in under construction but not ready yet. The proportion of ring visible represents how close the ship is to completion.

Basic Strategy